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Parallel Chain Mechanism  

Scissor Links 

The principle of this mechanism is used in various fields such as mining, agriculture, storage devices, auto loaders. The structure consists of two chains, groups of flexible links and a crank rod mechanism and it serves to keep the crank rod element always parallel to the ground.

Links trajectory

Chain Tracks

 An example of where the hollow pin chain can be used. 

LDH 1250

Maximum traction power : 23000 kgf
Maximum speed : 100 km/h
Diesel engine : 6LDA28-B
Nominal power : 1250 HP
Length with buffers : 13700 mm
Track width : 1435 mm
Diameter of rim rolling circle : 1000 mm
Type of electric generator : GP990/12
Type of traction engines : GDTM533F

Automatic Paper Processing 
Creasing, Scoring, Cutting and Micro-Perforating Device

The multifunctional finishing machine M 300 was designed to take on up to four finishing processes at the same time: creasing, scoring, cutting (trimming) and perforating. Each of the processes involves a specially designated tool which works in conjunction with the appropriate counter tool.The major advantages of this machine concern aspects like productivity, flexibility, adaptability. The machine was designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and minimum space usage. The modular design facilitates further attachments like folding modules/machines, automatic/manual paper feeders, waste disposal module, stack modules, etc.The dimensions of the chassis correspond to those of a standard A2 sheet 420/594. The base of the assembly is made out of textolite and to minimize the vibrations it was set on four rubber pads. The actual construction consists of two lateral blocks with machined guidance connected by four stiffening rods. These other than stiffness serve to ensure the parallelism of the assembly. The lateral blocks are designed to accommodate the radial ball bearings. The shaft assembly consists of a fix shaft and a floating shaft. At both ends the shafts are jointed with radial ball bearing. The diameters of the shafts were chosen according to the interior diameter of the friction rollers which serve to transmit the torque from the fixed shaft to the floating shaft and to provide grip for the paper. The type of rubber coat on the rollers is 30 shore in hardness, resistant to ware and chemical agents. The rollers are fastened onto the shafts using flat point socket set screws. These screws are used for all the designated tools and counter tools used in conjunction.

Semi-Automatic Paper Processing 
Creasing, Scoring and Micro-Perforating Device

The M200 Machine was designed for short runs (200 – 300 pieces) due to the construction kinematics.The chassis has a prismatic shape with plastic base to minimize weight. The dimensions correspond to those of a standard A3 sheet 297/420.To minimize the production costs for the top we used two equal leg angles fastened with M6 screws.The pinion torsion momentum is transmitted to the conical eloid gear that is jointed with the trust nut by a key. The torque is transmitted to the square power screw which takes a linear advance motion. All the axial forces generated in the process are taken on by the thrust ball bearing which is fastened directly to the chassis.

Manual Paper Processing 
 Creasing, Micro Perforating and Cutting Device

Crank Assembly

Piston Head


Rod Cap

Connecting Rod

Connecting Rod Assembly
Coaxial Gear Reducer

Motor: RB350050-SY2426 (6V, Ratio 1:50)
Gears: C26B221 M1 (SATI S.P.A conical gears catalog)
Bearings: 6000-2RS
Planetary Gear Reducer

Clutch Assembly

Cylindrical Helical Gears

Conical Gear Reducer

P1 = 3,6 Kw; n = 925 Rpm; I tot = 4.45; I tb = 1,6

Some Old Stuff

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